Sunday, November 25, 2012

Avira Antivirus 2013 Free Download

Download Software and Information - Posted by : Andrea Suyoko 3:35 AM

Avira antivirus is one that rated as a top antivirus (best antivirus) and highly favored by the user antivirus worldwide. with many different antivirus available today, it's would be a more option to your computer protection, but avira still can be a top ranks antivirus in this time.

Avira antivirus able to detect and block program that is detected as a virus before it did attack, this is certainly a very good capability of avira antivirus. Besides avira antivirus also has the technology and special abilities that your computer will always be clean from virus threats or other threats.

System requirements:

Minimal computer with a processor speed of 1 GHz

Untuk windows XP Min. 512 MB RAM
Untuk Windows Vista dan Windows 7 Min. 1024 MB RAM

Harddisk space :
Minimal 150 Mb

Operating System (OS) :
Windows XP SP2 (64-bit), Windows XP SP3 (32-bit), Windows Vista SP1 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)

To download avira free antivirus 2013 you can visit :

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Friday, November 23, 2012

AVG Antivirus 2013 Free Download

Download Software and Information - Posted by : Andrea Suyoko 9:05 AM

Antivirus is a security program that is needed to provide protection for your computer. The development of the virus are now more sophisticated and more smart to infect your computer. Installing antivirus is a perfect solution to give protection for your computer / prevent threats from viruses that will attack your computer.

For those users of AVG antivirus, now is the time you update your antivirus again. AVG Antivirus 2013 now comes with a more reliable detection. AVG Antivirus 2013 comes with ability (more faster), more intelligent in their duties and many other.

For those users of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 you can also using AVG Antivirus 2013, because Antivirus 2013 AVG is very compatible.

For those of you who want to download AVG Antivirus 2013 free, visit :

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Universal Viewer - 1 Software for all

Download Software and Information - Posted by : Andrea Suyoko 9:55 AM

Universal Viewer is a software that you can use to read a variety of file formats without having to use / install other applications. By using Universal Viewer then you do not need to bother anymore to always install other software that you normally use to open a file format.

Universal Viewer into software that is very suitable, especially for those of you who do not have much free time to simply install an application on your computer. In addition, by using the Universal Viewer, it will make your computer work to be lighter because you do not install a lot of applications are on your computer.

Universal Viewer can be installed on all computers with the Windows operating system (32 Bit).

Supported file formats / can be read by Universal Viewer is as follows:

- File Multimedia: MP4, FLV, MKV, AVI, MPG, WMV, MP3 ..., over 170 formats.

- File Photo (image): WMF, TIFF, PSD, JPG, BMP, ICO, GIF, PNG ... more than 40 file formats.

- Excel: XLS, XLSX

- Word: DOC, DOCX

- Rich Text Format




- and many other.

You are interested in trying to use this software, you can download it via :

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Download Microsoft Office 2007 Portable

Download Software and Information - Posted by : Andrea Suyoko 8:47 PM

For those of you who really love to write using a computer, certainly you have been very familiar with this software and almost all computer users use this software to handle a writing job or other, because this software is very popular.

in this post I want to share information about a software that may still be useful for you all, this is Microsoft Office 2007 portable, although the latest version already existed but for ms office 2007 I think is still very useful for you.

For those of you who are using Office 2007, but you do not have the installer, of course, the existence of Microsoft Office 2007 Portable really help you because besides not need to install on your computer you can also use this portable ms office 2007 via usb flash, so whenever you need this software then you can run it through your usb flash.

For those of you who are very interest with Portable Microsoft Office 2007,
you can download it by visiting :

from information, you can use this password : justtrytotry
i hope information about Microsoft Office 2007 Portable can be useful to you.
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Download Adobe Photoshop CS 5 portable

Download Software and Information - Posted by : Andrea Suyoko 11:03 AM

For a graphic designer you must have been very familiar with this software, which is adobe photoshop cs 5, because this software is very popular among graphic designers and arguably adobe photoshop software to process graphics are quite nice and I think also one of the best.

The more advanced the development of science and technology makes us as users of the software would be very difficult to follow its development, where we have an old version software but we can not 100% to use it and in just 1, 2 or 3 years appears again new version of the software. Adobe Photoshop CS 5 is arguably long enough because the latest version has also emerged. But adobe photoshop cs 5 also still have ability and almost same as the latest version.

For that for those of you who really love this software, I would like to give a little information about the adobe photoshop cs 5 portable version. although this is portable version but his ability is still good and be able to work up or complete all the work you are doing. Adobe Photoshop CS 5 Portable is more simple and easier to use because you do not need to do / install it into your computer so that whenever and wherever you need it, it will can be used.

Adobe Photoshop CS 5 Portable is perfect for those who are learning and to try to practice the knowledge you can, and it is suitable also for those of you who are always go out when using the computer (not work in just one computer).

To Download Adobe Photoshop CS 5 Portable and information you can visit:

I Hope can be useful for you and for all.
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Download Free Smadav 9.1 (New Version, Oct 2012)

Download Software and Information - Posted by : Andrea Suyoko 5:35 AM

SmadAV is an antivirus made in Indonesia is very powerful to counteract local virus that has been troubling. Smadav antivirus has a very small size and very light to run on your computer with lower specifications though because antivirus Smadav using small resource so it will not make the performance of your computer's be slowly, but smadav antivirus is good choice to give protection for your computer.

For the month of October 2012, smadav has launched the latest version "smadav 9.1" that has got a lot of changes from the previous version eg. with the addition of 552 new virus database. SmadAV 9.1, it is still focused on thoroughly cleaning for the type of virus such as: viruses WormShortcut, Cervical, MSO, Brontok, etc..

Smadav antivirus highly compatible and perfect when paired with other antivirus, installing smadav antivirus with other antivirus then this will maximize the protection of your computer. You can install smadav with other antivirus eg. : avira, kaspersky, avg, etc.

To download free smadav antivirus 2012 rev. 9.1, can through the following link :

SmadAV free, I think that's enough to provide protection for your computer because it's between smadav smadav free and smadav pro, have the same detection capabilities and only have little difference in on some other supporting features.

to use antivirus smadav in English you can visit:
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Download Foxit Advanced PDF Editor

Download Software and Information - Posted by : Andrea Suyoko 7:15 PM

A PDF file type is frequently encountered and usually we also often download a tutorial or other information in the form of PDF files.

Maybe you are usually only able to open or view contents of pdf file without being able to edit parts in it. That is because the software that you use is only software that able to see or open the pdf file, but can not seem to edit contents of the pdf file.

With Foxit Advanced PDF Editor , then you can realize it all. You can freely to edit PDF files with great ease. With this software you can change the image, change the font type and replace text in it and this software can also automatically create a number for each - each page and the software also uses the standard CMYK colors allowing color shown is the color of the you can seem on the printed output.

This software may be very useful for those of you who usually write or make a pdf file, because with this software you can easy to edit every parts from your pdf file, so that the results will be up and match what you want.

I think, it is very amazing software

For download Foxit Advanced PDF Editor you can visit :
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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Free download Winrar 4.20

Download Software and Information - Posted by : Andrea Suyoko 9:32 AM

Winrar is a software that is quite well known and very popular among today's society, even though many of its competitors but winrar still remains a favorite software to create and extract archive files of your choice....

For current version, winrar 4.20 must have been getting a lot of growth in it.
There are two types / versions of Winrar for windows, there are :

- Version using the graphical display, which is a more easily understood and more colorful. That is by executing WinRAR.exe

- Text-only version of winrar (command line) that is through rar.exe

Indeed, this software is good enough to protect your files, rarely penetrated by virus rar file unless you created the file that had been previously infected with the virus before you make a file *. Rar

With this software you can also protect your files with a password, by using the password file then you can also be more secure because only you that knowing that password, though passwords can be hacked with a particular software but it's not easy and it needs hard work, if password that you created is very strong.

To download winrar 4.20 you can get and choose according to your needs :

WinRAR x86 (32 bit) 4.20

WinRAR x64 (64 bit) 4.20

RAR 4.20 for Linux

RAR 4.20 for Linux x64

RAR 4.20 for FreeBSD

RAR 4.20 for Mac OS X

WinRAR interface themes

Obsolete RAR versions

Hopefully, this information about download software can be useful for you.

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Free download PsxFin v1.13 Emulator

Download Software and Information - Posted by : Andrea Suyoko 9:37 AM

PSxFin is one of the best PS1 emulator for you. By using current PsxFin, you can play again your favorite PS1 games with computer or laptop like : winning eleven, nascar rumble, Metal Slug or the other.

to play PS1 games on your computer, You need : a software emulator like PsxFin then cd PS1 game or you can download PS1 games via internet (usually a file with extension *. Iso or the other).

This emulator is very easy to use and easy to understand. so this emulator can make users very comfortable and does not have significant obstacles when trying to use this emulator. In terms of features, PsxFin is an emulator that features a fairly complete, you can also play your favorite game using a joystick. You also can set its own controller according to your wishes.

For those of you who are interested in this emulator and want to try it you can download it at:

Download PSxFin v1.13 Emulator – Official Website

Here is link download game nascar rumble *. Iso, hopefully still active:

Nascar Rumble Racing iso

I hope can be useful for all
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