Free download PsxFin v1.13 Emulator

PSxFin is one of the best PS1 emulator for you. By using current PsxFin, you can play again your favorite PS1 games with computer or laptop like : winning eleven, nascar rumble, Metal Slug or the other.

to play PS1 games on your computer, You need : a software emulator like PsxFin then cd PS1 game or you can download PS1 games via internet (usually a file with extension *. Iso or the other).

This emulator is very easy to use and easy to understand. so this emulator can make users very comfortable and does not have significant obstacles when trying to use this emulator. In terms of features, PsxFin is an emulator that features a fairly complete, you can also play your favorite game using a joystick. You also can set its own controller according to your wishes.

For those of you who are interested in this emulator and want to try it you can download it at:

Download PSxFin v1.13 Emulator – Official Website

Here is link download game nascar rumble *. Iso, hopefully still active:

Nascar Rumble Racing iso

I hope can be useful for all