Download free WeChat app for Blackberry

Free Download WeChat apps for Blackberry - this one application is on the rise and are much sought after and perhaps also widely used by our society today. WeChat is an application that allows you to chat with friends, WeChat application can be used on your smartphone. WeChat also referred to as a communication medium that unites the Smartphone users from various platforms to be able to use the chat application called WeChat, because WeChat now can be used for symbian, android, windows phone or blackberry.

In this post I want to provide information that may be useful to you is about WeChat app free download for blackberry. WeChat already appeared around 2012 and began a much-loved and achieve greatness at this time, with a variety of easy and interesting features of this application WeChat make getting jumped and popular society.

Some key features of WeChat and not found in other chat applications are Shake, Voice Messaging, Look Around, Facebook Connect, Drift Bottle, Group Chat and Emotions

- Shake is a feature of WeChat that allows you to find a friend in a different way, ie simply by shaking your smartphone then later you will find a friend that you want. If it does not fit anymore then you can shake your smartphone.

- Voice Messaging is a feature present in WeChat that you can use to send voice messages to your friends.

- Look Around, this can be used to find your friends who are around you or perhaps your friends who might know.

- Drift Bottle is a feature where you can send a message bottle and then you can wait for someone to pick it up or maybe even reject it.

- Facebook connect, with this feature, you can connect WeChat with your friends who have a facebook account.

- Group chat, with this you can create a group chat and chat with multiple people at once.

Okay interested in trying WeChat for blackberry, for free download for Blackberry application WeChat be through :

Hopefully a post about download free WeChat app for blackberry could be useful for you all.