USB Security Suite 1.4.2

Free download USB Security Suite Latest update - USB Security Suite (Author/Product : Dynamikode Software Ltd. / USB Security Suite )
Security applications that are also worth your try to installed on your computer is USB Security Suite, which can help you to avoid computer from unwanted program threats that come through usb disk media.

USB Security Suite automatically scans USB disks when attached to your computer to prevent viruses from infecting your system. It completely analyzes autorun files and warns you if they are suspicious, and provides quick options to take necessary actions.

download free USB Security Suite Latest update

Free Download USB Security Suite Latest Version

Key Features include:
Remove autorun viruses.
Monitor USB ports and log drive activity.
Email Activity Logs.
Disable USB ports.
Immunize USB drives.
USB Security Suite can also ‘vaccinate’ USB drives, so that they never get infected by viruses even if you connect them to an infected PC or device. If you need to know what activities, such as copy, rename, delete, happen on USB drives connected to your system (to see what other people and/or programs do), USB Security Suite is able to monitor and log them.

Interested to use the latest version of USB Security Suite, you can download it via: Download USB Security Suite for Windows

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